Better to be Safe Than Sorry: Buy the Real Thing


Every replica seller would tell you how close their imitation items are to the real thing. They will tell you how there is hardly any difference – how their fake watch can keep time as good as the original does, how their watch can do practically every single function as the real ones, and just how no one will ever notice that you’re wearing a fake.

But the truth is you’re wearing a fake and it will never measure up to the original. Others may come close, but not quite. Here are some reasons why you’re better off spending your money on the real thing (and why fake ones – even the ‘genuine’ fakes – are not worth your time).

  1. The quality will NEVER be the same.

No replica watch manufacturer can ever come close to the quality of materials and craftsmanship put on every authentic watch and so no replica watch will come in the same quality that authentic ones do. Would you rather spend your ‘small amount’ of cash on something that gives up on you for less than a year, than spend a generous amount of money that you can use for a lifetime?

  1. Replica watches cannot keep time as precisely as authentic watches do.

One of the primary qualities that make luxury watches as luxurious and as highly valued as they are is their precision in timekeeping. The technology behind it is expensive and rather unique to its manufacturers that replica watchmakers can only hope to recreate.

  1. Replica watches do not increase in value.

Pretty much like most luxury items, genuine luxury watches increase in value overtime, especially if they are kept in mint conditions. Aside from the quality of the materials they are made of, authentic watches are valued for the craftsmanship of its maker and for its brand. This is the reason why many authentic watch owners consider their purchases as investments – their value is expected to actually go up with time. Replica watches have neither the same quality nor craftsmanship, and especially not the name and so can only depreciate in value. The bottom line: replica watches are just a waste of money.

  1. Authentic watches can last you a lifetime.

Like high quality furniture or heirloom jewelry, luxury watches can last a lifetime if kept in the right conditions. The hefty price tag they come in will prove to be more affordable if you consider all the years that the authentic watch will last you – perhaps even more affordable considering that you can either sell it in the future as a vintage at an even bigger price or pass it on to your children or grandchildren as a valuable inheritance piece.

  1. Replica watches are illegal.

Counterfeiting is an illegal trade. Buying these counterfeit items means supporting a billion dollar underground industry. Not only are you robbing legitimate companies and sellers of profits to keep their business and employees, but also the governments of taxes and watch makers of their intellectual property.